with Di Kendall

Working together with Janome - Red Block

Fibres and Fabrics

I shall focus on fabrics sold for garment making, craft projects and to a lesser degree ones used for home furnishings.

Fabrics are made from fibres, sometimes just one, but frequently 2 or 3 different ones.

Ready to wear clothes have to have the fibre content listed on the garment labels, however this doesn't tell us what the fabric is called.

Buying fabric online is difficult if we don't know the name of what we're looking for.

Fibre Classification


Understanding fabrics is probably one of the hardest things about making clothes, there are seemingly limitless choices. I was lucky to grow up when going to town to buy fabric was as common as going to the supermarket today. There were a myriad of shops, department stores and market stalls selling cloth.  I learnt about fabrics from my mum, some wonderful teachers and by just getting into the shops experiencing colours and textures. Having completed my GCE O level(GCSE) I remember my teacher suggesting I made something from a new fabric made from polyester before starting my A level course in Dress. I'd already worked in a range of cotton cloths and wool, even making a needlecord suit.


I know I'm lucky to live in the East Midlands where we have independent fabric shops, market stalls and shops where the fabric is bought in from the manufacturing sector. We still have some high quality garment factories as well.



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