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By Di, Nov 8 2015 09:24PM

First of all prepare the main fabric before inserting the zip.

This will be the side of the zip that will make the overlap.

Now prepare the lining, before stitching the seam.

1. Machine single layer of fabric, The length of the stitching will be the same as the stitching for attaching the zip. One side is 15mm from the edge, the other 25mmmfrom the edge pivoting and stitching to the edge of the fabric.

2. Trim approx 20mm and snip into the right angle

By Di, Apr 13 2015 08:47PM

On Saturday I taught a new workshop called Close It at Love Hector's Emporium in Crich, Derbyshire. The aim was to teach a range of fastenings and as we feel strongly that our clients should go home with more than just samples, I designed a travel bag.

The bag incorporates a lapped and invisible zip, a machined buttonhole, rouleau loop and my unique method for a welt pocket that can also be used for a bound buttonhole.

I was really pleased with the workshop, we ran over by 15 minutes, so this is easily achievable in five and a half hours.

The photos show the finished product made by one of the clients. Amazing ..... she had never stitched a zip before!

A great day!

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