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Exciting New Page - Couture and Tailoring

I spent January slowing down my sewing, ever conscious of how us makers are prone to over making and adding to the massive amount of clothes in circulation.

I came across a piece of wool/silk blend tweed I bought from FabWorks Mill Shop in a bundle of remnants. Fingers crossed there would be enough to make myself a waistcoat. I've made this pattern before and wanted another that would have a very long life.

I documented my progress on my Instagram account and then sat down to blog about it.

At this stage I realised I had loads of old blog posts and tutorials I'd not added to the website.

Now there's a whole new page - Couture and Tailoring - easily found from the Home/Main page which has had a bit of a makeover.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll find when you're looking for help with tailoring and couture sewing.

I've decided to post as much as possible on my blog(mainly because it's the easiest way to add stuff) with links to the posts from the Tutorials page and in this case the Couture and Tailoring page as well.

Did you know that my blog has different categories? You can view the posts in the order I wrote them or........choose from

  • Pattern Reviews

  • Product Reviews

  • Sustainable Sewing

  • Sewing Tips and Techniques

My machine has been away for a bit of TLC and came back today.....perfect timing.

I have to thank Janome UK for the loan of my MC6700pro and 2000D Air Thread overlocker.

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