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Sew-It.BIZ is back!

I'm so pleased to say this site has now returned to it's sew-it.BIZ domain after 3 months with a temporary name.

Lesson learnt...........don't change important settings without taking advice! I've learnt a lot and feel like I know the domains team at YELL personally due to the hours I've spent talking to them.

My Site is owned by YELL and WIX hosts it for them/me. When my domain name came up for renewal I paid to transfer it to WIX, seemed a sensible thing to do, domain and website in the same place. Oh NO! For reasons beyond my understanding WIX won't allow YELL to assign a WIX owned domain to a WIX owned website! Under online law I couldn't move it somewhere else for 60 days which meant no website for over 2 months. YELL set me up with a temporary name and have now acquired my .BIZ domain for me(at no cost) so I'm back up and raring to share more sewing related stuff with you.

My next post will be all about making the Vicky Sweater from Seamworks. I had an issue with the neckline being too low for comfort...

I'm only 5'2" and its designed to fit 5'8 or 5'9" depending on which size range you make. I'm wearing my 3rd version in the video. I discovered some interesting things about Seamworks sizing and how that translates to their patterns. Just need to start writing.....

Thanks so much for reading.......wishing you the best for 2023 and if you have a sewing problem please ask. Also planning more face to face teaching in Derbyshire this year.

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