with Di Kendall

Working together with Janome - Red Block mask pattern

The SMILE Face Covering

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IMG_4825 20200407_111526 small scrubs top L scrubs top XXXL scrubs top


I don't have pattern drafting software, so I'm at the extent of what's possible with what I have available on my PC.

You need to save the file and open it with Abode Acrobat Reader.

Select: Poster

     Tile scale 100%

     Cut marks

print screen

1 cm seam allowances already included.


3 cm hem allowance

Scrubs sew along me 20200604_180334

An essential face covering for anyone who needs to communicate with family, friends, customers, patients or young children. Especially if someone is deaf or hearing impaired.


The stitchable PVC is available from Amazon or you can probaly use the materials that clear pencil cases, cosmetic bags and shower curtains are made from. Even some of the thicker packaging used for household textiles.


Encourage your GP practice, child's school or nursery to get involved in making these inclusive face coverings.


I have a small quantity for sale at:

£5.99 each or £10 for 2

Contact me at [email protected]

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