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French seam hacks on YouTube

Have you ever wanted to sew a French seam on the side seam of a top that has a vent and wondered how to avoid leaving raw edges or sew a French seam at a right angle corner?

I've added 2 videos to my YouTube channel

French seam above a vent

Right angle French seam

Really sorry not to have written anything since August. My husband was taken into ICU so life events took over. However I still regularly post on Instagram so it'd be great to see you there. Sew-It WithDi (@sewitwithdi) • Instagram photos and videos

I've almost finished hand tailoring a waistcoat, just the buttons and buttonholes to go, remove all the tacking and a final press. I'm intending to write about it in a bit more detail in my next blog post. Fingers crossed.

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