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Janome Buttonhole StabiliserPlate

I see so many people avoiding buttonholes when making clothes! The practise one goes well, yet it's a disaster on the garment!

I'm sure many of you have had problems sewing buttonholes near to a seam or horizontal buttonholes at the front edge of a jacket or coat, because the foot isn't flat and the machine just doesn't play ball!

If you follow me on Instagram @sewitwithdi you might have seen me going on about the amazing buttonhole foot that comes with my Janome MC6700pro I have on loan from Janome UK. My machine has a 9mm stitch width and it's feet are only compatible with other Janome category D machines.... bear with me .......

With this buttonhole foot the fabric is sandwiched between the two layers so the feed dogs are moving the foot through the machine rather than the fabric and up to now I've never had a duff buttonhole.

Good News!

Well! I may be late to the party, but I've just discovered Janome sell a stabiliser plate for their category B & C machines. Check if your top loading Janome is one of them

The plate works with the R foot. I haven't tried it myself; however I've seen other people recomend it. I guess it's little bit more of a faff than my built in one but it's going to be worth it for potentially fault free buttonholes. At £27.50(Dec 2022) it's not cheap so perhaps searching for product reviews is worth while.

The links I've provided are for Sew Essential, apart from them being local to me, I have no affiliation to them. I'm sure your Janome dealer can order one for you and a Google search will find other retailers.

I've no idea if other machine brands make these, but I do know Janome aren't the only company to use a similar foot with their newer machines.

This really could be your answer to buttonhole nightmares......................

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