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Classic French Jacket

Ever wanted to make a classic French jacket inspired by Chanel using traditional techniques? It was one of my ambitions when I finished work and had time to do one justice.

When I found this cloth from Linton Tweeds I knew it was my time to take the's the article I wrote a few years ago and was featured in a couple of paper and online magazines. I used Vogue 8991 which is still available with very detailed instructions.....although I used other sources of refence to get the more genuine finish.

My clasic French jacket

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Janet Major
Janet Major

This is super, love Linton Tweed fabrics but agree they need care and understanding. The braid works well, I thought initially it might be made with an inkle loom as I made some that from a distance looks similar, but yours is more complex! Off to see if this is a pattern I have! Thanks for the detail. It’s a long time since I made a tailored jacket. It looks great on you.

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