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Facings - Love or Hate Them...Here's how to achieve beautiful finishes

Many people ask why do patterns have facings when my bought clothes don't?

The quick answer is cost! Facings take more fabric and they need interfacing. Plus there's added labour costs as the interfacing needs fusing to the fabric, often before cutting the pieces. The process also causes more waste. All these things add to the overall production cost.

Facings add structure to a garment which helps the garment to hang better.

My latest tutorial shows you 4 ways to achieve a lovely finish on the edge of the facing which is seen inside your garment and only one needs an overlocker, even that can be done with zig zag stitch on your machine.

Which method I choose depends on the thickness of the fabric I'm using and if there's any chance the edge of the facing might be seen, like an unlined jacket. Sometimes I use a method just because I can. If I've paid a lot for the fabric I'm more likely to use a finish other than my overlocker.

The tutorial can be found from The Bindings and Facings link on the Tutorials page, however click here to go straight to it.

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