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Lovely Lady McElroy

I'm lucky to live just a few minutes away from the home of Lady McElroy

The range has such beautiful designs and I've often wondered what the difference is between the various fabrics, especially as sometimes the same print can be found on a different base fabric. Whats the difference between Samba Crepe and Bubble Crepe, or Heidi Lawn and Rickardi Lawn......

I've bought quite a few pieces from Sherwoods Fabrics and regularly visited their shop prior to the pandemic. It was wonderful when Lady McElroy offered me a length of free fabric and some samples of their fabric for me to review.

From the main menu you'll find a page for Lady McElroy where you'll find information about the different fabrics I've been able to review......I'm sure there's many more so I hope to add to the page in future. I've included info about fibre content, weight, width and a personal description of the fabric, how it handles and tips for sewing.

Fabric Weight

When searching for fabric have you ever wondered what GSM or OSY mean? Even if you know what it means how do you know what weight of fabric might be suitable for the type of gament you want to make?

Here's the chart I've created to try to demystify the's not going to answer all your questions, but hopefully go some way to helping.

This chart is also on the Fibres and Fabrics page found from the main menu.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and please subscibe to my website if you'd like to hear about when I update the website or post new reviews and tutorials. I promise not to bombard your inbox.

Regards Di

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