Welcome to My New Website

I'm really excited to be able to share my new website.....however it'll be a while before it's fully up and running.

Firstly I must apologise if you've been trying to buy things from my shop and getting a pop up that says I'm not able to accept payments! How frustrating is that for you and me alike..............I thought it was working until a kind customer emailed me. I hope this will all be sorted out early week beginning 17th Jan.

If there's anything you would like to buy, like my Stretch Fabric Ruler for £6.95 inc p&p, please email me di@sew-it.biz and I'll send you my PayPal info

I'm really aware I neglected my old website as I knew it had to move and much of the info wasn't going to be compatible with the new one. Luckily I saved all my tutorials, but I have to reload all the images and format the pages, so it'll be a while before everything is back.....I need time to sew as well. However I'm confident your experience will be so much better.

Please try out the pages and active links and certainly let me know what's not working, I'll definitely not be offended

You should find some info about:

  • Fibres and Fabrics

  • Interfacings

  • Marking Fabric

  • Handmade buttonholes

The page I'm working on at the moment is Buttons and Buttonholes, found from the tutorials page. Hopefully I'll remember to post a new blog post when I add a new tutorial.

Thank you for taking the time to read my update and you can always follow me at www,instagram.com/sewitwithdi where I'll also be posting updates, as well as sewing tips and my latest projects.

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