Stretch Fabric ruler

My unique wooden ruler means you'll always know how much a knit fabric stretches.

I love sewing with knit fabrics and I've made activewear since the 1908s when fabrics with Lycra were made popular by films like Grease and Jane Fonda introduced us to aerobics.

You might already have fabric or want to go out shopping and my Stretch Fabric Ruler lets you work out the percentage stretch really easily. Isn't it a shame more online retailers miss out this information, yet it's essential to match their fabric to your pattern. It'd be so easy to use my ruler in their photos!

My husband takes great care to produce a smooth, polished finish that won't snag on the most delicate fabrics.

The Stretch Fabric Ruler is for sale in my Shop with worldwide shipping. I sell regularly to the USA and I think the furthest one's travelled to is Australia!

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